Lumia 920 Battery Issue Solved

Since I got my Lumia 920, I have had serious battery drainage issues. I could never make it to the end of the day, even with minimal use. Some days the battery would be fully drained only a few hours after pulling it off the charger in the morning. And hot? Sometimes I would have to take it out of my pocket, it felt like it was going to leave a Lumia-shaped burn mark on my thigh.

At first, after some initial surfing around and finding others with the same problem, I thought that it might be a defect in the phone itself, but it didn’t always happen, it seemed random. Then one day I decided to start testing things methodically and see what I could come up with. I tried all manner of turning things on and off like Wifi, Bluetooth, tap to share, etc. I tested using my normal apps and not using my normal apps.

Then… I figured it out. It was the Audible app. The very, very, buggy Audible app. I had been leaving it running the in the background because it’s so buggy that if you close it, most of the time it loses your place and you have to hunt down where you were, which is a really terrible bug to release in an audiobook app. Not to mention many other bugs which I had run into. So in order to not have to track down where I was, as I said, I had left it running in the background, and THAT is what was causing my battery to drain like crazy.

So I started making bookmarks every time I was done listening and exiting out of the Audible app completely, and I have not had a battery drain problem since. I can use my phone normally all day now and still have over 60% left.

That was awhile ago, and it’s been over a year since Audible released an update for their Windows Phone app. But there was finally a new version ( released today. I am hoping they have fixed this bug, and all the other ones as well. I have updated and have the app in the background as we speak, so I’ll test it out a few days and see how it goes.

There, I Fixed It

One thing I find really annoying about the Surface is that when you use the trackpad, the scrolling is reversed from the way it has been since, oh, the invention of scrolling. It was Apple’s stupid idea to start doing that so that the trackpad and touchscreen swipes would be in the same direction. Well guess what? Trackpads and touchscreens are two different things. I’m really saddened that Microsoft went this direction.

You know what else bugs me? Left turn signals that have started using blinking yellow arrows. What the heck do those mean? Turn left really quickly, the light is about to change? I don’t know why people feel the need to change things that have worked forever when it mostly causes confusion. Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the trackpad.

Thankfully, Microsoft (finally) have given us a way to correct this most egregious error on their part. If you go to the Windows Store and download Trackpad Settings, you can fix this design flaw.

Trackpad Settings

It’s pretty basic, but it does let you reverse the scrolling direction. I did notice that if you turn the trackpad off, it still registers clicks, so they probably need to fix that. Other than that, it does what it says.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go yell at those kids that are on my lawn again.

You Weren’t Using Those VMs, Were You?

I’ve been using Windows Azure for a bit to test out some things, and it was going well. I had set up a site-to-site VPN so that my Azure VMs could talk to my on-premise stuff, and I had a bunch of VMs running for testing purposes. And then one morning I logged into Azure, and everything was gone. Every. Thing. So I opened up a support ticket, and was told that there was a spending cap on the Azure subscription that I was using, and I had hit it.

So in order for you not to ring up any charges, they just delete everything in your subscription, and it’s not coming back. They did send me a link that described how to recover the VM hard drives, but the VMs themselves no longer exist. I was able to recover the hard drives, so no data loss, but to attach them to new VMs is a pain, considering that all my VMs were domain-joined. But the best part of the instructions is this little tidbit at the end:

*** Efforts are in progress to improve the user experience for this issue.***

Well, I would hope so. Just deleting EVERYTHING (!!!) isn’t exactly a good user experience. Moral of the story, check to make sure you don’t have a spending cap on your account if you don’t want to lose everything.