You Weren’t Using Those VMs, Were You?

I’ve been using Windows Azure for a bit to test out some things, and it was going well. I had set up a site-to-site VPN so that my Azure VMs could talk to my on-premise stuff, and I had a bunch of VMs running for testing purposes. And then one morning I logged into Azure, and everything was gone. Every. Thing. So I opened up a support ticket, and was told that there was a spending cap on the Azure subscription that I was using, and I had hit it.

So in order for you not to ring up any charges, they just delete everything in your subscription, and it’s not coming back. They did send me a link that described how to recover the VM hard drives, but the VMs themselves no longer exist. I was able to recover the hard drives, so no data loss, but to attach them to new VMs is a pain, considering that all my VMs were domain-joined. But the best part of the instructions is this little tidbit at the end:

*** Efforts are in progress to improve the user experience for this issue.***

Well, I would hope so. Just deleting EVERYTHING (!!!) isn’t exactly a good user experience. Moral of the story, check to make sure you don’t have a spending cap on your account if you don’t want to lose everything.