Fixing Windows 8 Trackpad Driver in Bootcamp

Another issue I have had with Windows 8 in Bootcamp on a Mac is that the trackpad drivers did not initially install correctly and I wasn’t able to use it at all. I was able to solve that by following these steps.

Go to Device Manager and on the two “Touchpad” entries with the bang on them, go to “Update Driver” -> “Browse My Computer” -> “Let me pick from a list…” and change them both to USB Input Device. Reboot.

Go back to Device Manager, do an “Update Driver” again, let it search automatically, and one comes back as Apple Multitouch and the other as Apple Multitouch Mouse. Reboot again, trackpad will be working and will show up in Boot Camp control panel.

Windows 8, Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, and Scrolling Problems

I’ve been running Windows 8 since the Developer Preview, and I’ve been pretty satisfied with it. One thing I especially like is the gestures I can use with my Microsoft Touch Mouse that allow me to open the Charms bar, minimize all windows, and other nice shortcuts. But lately, I’ve been experiencing scrolling issues. Several programs, for whatever reason, have stopped scrolling. And not some obscure software, I’m talking about things like AD Users and Computers, Backup Exec, and Outlook.

So, being tired of not being able to scroll, I decided to do a little troubleshooting to see what might be causing this problem. As the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center don’t come with the OS but must be installed separately, I thought it would start with that, maybe a reinstall would help. I went to the website downloads section and grabbed MouseKeyboardCenter_64bit_ENG_2.0.161.exe. I uninstalled the software, and reinstalled. No change. The uninstaller said a reboot might be necessary, but I was not asked to do one. So I uninstalled again, rebooted, and reinstalled once more. Still no scrolling. Some digging around on Microsoft’s website yielded MouseKeyboardCenter_64bit_ENG_2.0.162.exe, a slightly newer version than the download offered on the main download site. Uninstalled and installed the newer version, still no scrolling.

So I uninstalled again, and noticed that the scrolling, though somewhat erratic, was working without the Mouse and Keyboard Center. But none of the touch gestures, of course. So I figured it had to be something with that software causing the issue. So I reinstalled and checked out what executables it installs that were running. I discovered an ipoint.exe and itype.exe that were in my list of processes. Thinking perhaps they weren’t able to do what they were supposed to (based on an Outlook problem I was having earlier with digitally signing emails) I killed those two processes, set them to always run as administrator, and relaunched them.

Bingo! I now have scrolling again in all my apps. The only other caveat is that you also have to set Mouse and Keyboard Center to run as an administrator as well, or it will just hang when it starts up.