Google Blocking WP YouTube App Again

I downloaded an updated YouTube Windows Phone app a few days ago, and it worked for about a day. I went to pull it up today and got this:


So it looks like Google has once again blocked Microsoft’s YouTube app. This is getting to be as bad as Time Warner and CBS. Figure something out you guys. And do it quickly, this is really annoying.

UPDATE: Found this on The Verge. Google says  “Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience.”

Wow, Google is now trying to dictate to Microsoft what IE should and should not do? Microsoft would probably get sued for doing something like that.

UPDATE II: The plot thickens. Microsoft posts a reply on a TechNet blog.
Takeaway line: “The roadblocks Google has set up are impossible to overcome, and they know it.”

I like Google less and less every day.

Lumia 920 Battery Issue Solved

Since I got my Lumia 920, I have had serious battery drainage issues. I could never make it to the end of the day, even with minimal use. Some days the battery would be fully drained only a few hours after pulling it off the charger in the morning. And hot? Sometimes I would have to take it out of my pocket, it felt like it was going to leave a Lumia-shaped burn mark on my thigh.

At first, after some initial surfing around and finding others with the same problem, I thought that it might be a defect in the phone itself, but it didn’t always happen, it seemed random. Then one day I decided to start testing things methodically and see what I could come up with. I tried all manner of turning things on and off like Wifi, Bluetooth, tap to share, etc. I tested using my normal apps and not using my normal apps.

Then… I figured it out. It was the Audible app. The very, very, buggy Audible app. I had been leaving it running the in the background because it’s so buggy that if you close it, most of the time it loses your place and you have to hunt down where you were, which is a really terrible bug to release in an audiobook app. Not to mention many other bugs which I had run into. So in order to not have to track down where I was, as I said, I had left it running in the background, and THAT is what was causing my battery to drain like crazy.

So I started making bookmarks every time I was done listening and exiting out of the Audible app completely, and I have not had a battery drain problem since. I can use my phone normally all day now and still have over 60% left.

That was awhile ago, and it’s been over a year since Audible released an update for their Windows Phone app. But there was finally a new version ( released today. I am hoping they have fixed this bug, and all the other ones as well. I have updated and have the app in the background as we speak, so I’ll test it out a few days and see how it goes.

Thoughts On My New Lumia 920

I recently picked a Lumia 920 (so long, iPhone 4S!) and I’ve been using it for about two weeks now. Overall, I really like it. I got in Cyan with a Cyan NFC charger. I really like the Windows Phone OS. With the Live Tiles and easy navigation, it’s just beautiful.

The screen resolution is phenomenal, and the camera takes really good photographs. I also like all the camera add-in apps that you can get to provide filters, create animated gifs, etc. I haven’t yet used the Kid’s Corner feature, but not because my four year old hasn’t asked, I just don’t really have many games on it yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll be setting that up in the near future.

I use Windows 8 on most of my PCs now and I enjoy having the integration between them and my phone. With SkyDrive, everything is always accessible. And since I got in on the 25G promotion, I’ll probably never run out of room. And with the Nokia Music subscription, I don’t really use much of the phone’s storage for music any longer.

That being said, there are some things that are missing that while aren’t complete deal-breakers, would certainly be nice.

1. More apps – Probably the most complained about item, and probably the thing that’s the most out of Microsoft’s hands. There were a lot of apps I had on my iPhone that just aren’t available on Windows Phone. And I don’t even care about Instagram, but it seems quite a few do. There are several third-party apps for it that seem to do a pretty good job, though. Personally I have third-party apps for Starbucks, RedBox, and Google Voice. They all work fine, but official apps would be most welcome. Also, WTF, MLB? You have a BB app, but not Windows Phone? Would love to be able to watch a game on my phone, get with the program!

2. EAP-TLS Even WinMo phones had this ability. If your workplace uses certificates to access WiFi, you’re probably using EAP-TLS. Windows Phone does not have the ability to join my office wireless. But I’m working around it using Connectify on my laptop to create my own access point (don’t tell the network guy) when I need to download something large.

3. There is no way to page forward in IE? Really? That’s just pitiful.

4. The phone should remember different volume settings for when headphones are inserted or removed. I have to turn the volume nearly all the way up to listen through the aux jack in my vehicle, and regularly forget to turn it back down (because the iPhone would automatically switch volume levels) so that the first time I get an email or phone call, it’s ridiculously loud.

5. Windows Phone needs a central location to check all your notifications. Live tiles are awesome, but I don’t have every single app pinned that gets notifications. Would be nice to see them all in one place.

6. Integration between the Windows Store and the Windows Phone store. If I’ve bought an app from the Windows Store, I don’t want to have to pay for it again to get it on my phone.

As I said, I love my phone, but there is always room for improvement. I hope to see some of these things show up in the near future.