Fixing Windows 8 Trackpad Driver in Bootcamp

Another issue I have had with Windows 8 in Bootcamp on a Mac is that the trackpad drivers did not initially install correctly and I wasn’t able to use it at all. I was able to solve that by following these steps.

Go to Device Manager and on the two “Touchpad” entries with the bang on them, go to “Update Driver” -> “Browse My Computer” -> “Let me pick from a list…” and change them both to USB Input Device. Reboot.

Go back to Device Manager, do an “Update Driver” again, let it search automatically, and one comes back as Apple Multitouch and the other as Apple Multitouch Mouse. Reboot again, trackpad will be working and will show up in Boot Camp control panel.

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  1. This is a very good finding. Only minor issue is the not “USB Input Device”. Its “USB device” and the select USB Composite Device’. Thanks very much.

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  3. I had the same issue in Windows 10 on a mid 2012 Retina MBP with Boot Camp 6. Apple Software Update was crashing. This fix worked like a charm. The only other issue I had was that the Boot Camp Manager was missing from the Taskbar. The fix was to go to “Select Which Icons appear on the Taskbar” in the Taskbar search window and set the Boot Camp Manager to “On”.

    Thanks a bunch for this simple but effective fix.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this advice! Have dual boot on old old white macbook 2008 and if not thanks to your post, I would have had to go back to W7. I wanted to avoid that because W10 is actually faster and more responsive after I upgraded memory to 4BG than W7 was with new modules.Trackpad working fine. Thank you so so much! :)))))

  5. Hello,
    Thank you!! This did work for me but there’s other issues – the right click function is not working on the touchpad when I click with two fingers. And the page doesn’t move when I move two fingers on the touch pad. Also the tap function is not working. I can only use left click on my touch pad. Could anyone help me with it? Thanks! Really appreciate!

    • I am having this same issue as well. It seems I can have either the left click function (if I use the USB device) or the two-finger scroll (if I use the Apple Multi-touch device), but not both. Anybody have any ideas? I’m running Windows 10 in Boot Camp 6.0 on an early 2013 Macbook Pro. Thanks.

      • Go into bootcamp control panel (the grey diamond on task bar) and go to trackpad Tab. You can enable the option for right click from there.

  6. Thank you very much for the tips. This works on Windows 10 Pro 1511 10586.104 on a bootcamp’ed Late-2011 MacBook Pro. I lost Trackpad and Mouse after the latest Windows 10 upgrade. Thanks again!

  7. This did not work for me. It’s laid out a little bit differently in Windows 10, but I found the device manager and after clicking on update driver software for touchpad (I had two of them with an error sign), I received another message that said windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged. Code 19. Told me to check the manufacturer’s website for driver software, which I am off to do right now.

    • Read the above instructions and try again.
      After clicking update, choose change to USB input device. Once you reboot they should not have the exclamation points.

      At this point your trackpad should work as a normal mouse, but without the functions such as scroll and right click.
      You need to continue the above instructions and update the USB input device until they recognize the Apple devices. (Try each of the USB devices)

      Once you do that, reboot, and magic! It works!

      • After the step 1 above and after reboot; when I tried to update driver for ‘USB Composite Device’ or any other USB devices, it just says the device driver is up to date.. Please help to get the track pad back.

      • Help – in Windows 10, when I click update driver software, I see the browse option, but no option to change to USB device. What am I missing?


  8. After the step 1 above and after reboot; when I tried to update driver for ‘USB Composite Device’ or any other USB devices, it just says the device driver is up to date.. Please help to get the track pad back.

  9. Great. Thanks a lot. Worked for me in Windows 10 Macbook Pro. You need to follow all of the steps.

    The only difference for me was that, after the first step of changing the two Touchpad entries to USB input devices and restarting, those were then listed as USB input devices so I needed to repeat the second stage for the USB input devices which were listed under ‘Human Interface Devices’ in Device Manager.

    Thanks again for this.

  10. Can anyone clarify where to change device to USB Device? On the Bootcamp drive with Win 10, I go to Device manager, and I find Apple Multi-Touch TouchPad under Human Interface Devices. I right click on one of the two devices and on Update Driver. I Browse for Driver Software and click Let me Pick from a List of Device Drivers and a window comes up telling me the Best Driver Software for Your Device is Already Installed. That’s all the choices I see. What am I doing wrong?


    • I know this thread is old but I hope this can help someone. My trackpad broke after the windows 10 Creators update…

      On my macbook air there were two apple devices for the trackpad. i changed them both to “USB Input device” by choosing properties, update driver, browse my computer for driver, let me pick from a list, select USB input device. Restart the system.
      Next trick is to find the right “USB Input device” after the reboot. Open the driver properties on these and look for ‘applemtp’ under the events tab, you’ll know you’ve found the right one. Select the driver tab, update driver, search automatically. I did this for both drivers and got full ‘windows’ functionality from the pad (tap to click, right click, scroll etc.).

  11. Could you please fill in the details on how to get scroll and right click back? I can update the driver software all day but I still can’t scroll. Otherwise, it worked great–at least I have some trackpad functions back.

  12. Thanks so much for providing a solution to my Macbook Pro Bootcamp & Win 10 trackpad issue. Great instructions and saved me a bunch of trouble! I’m speaking at a photography conference tomorrow and this was driving me CRAZY!

  13. The first part seems to have worked on my Early 2008 MBP running Windows 10: The trackpad and mouse-click respond now; before, the trackpad wouldn’t move the cursor at all, though a generic external wired mouse was recognized. This worked after the first reboot. Searching automatically did not change the device name to “Apple Multitouch” anything- it’s simply listed as an “HID compliant mouse”. Two-finger touch doesn’t scroll. I need to do some more research.

  14. I am running Win 8.2 on iMac and I can’t find these options. When i go into device manager…I can’t find anything that says “touchpad”. Please help.

  15. Mfinn1223, not sure if my Windows 10 experience will help your Win 8.2 setup, but I suspect it will. I figured out that Bootcamp Assistant 6 downloads a set of Windows Apple drivers (into a folder called WindowsSupport) that only works on later Macbook Pros, not the Early 2008. On a hunch, I downloaded Boot Camp Assistant (the Mac app) 4.something, THEN used THAT to download the corresponding Windows Apple drivers. Now I have two-finger scrolling and tap-click restored.

  16. The initial fix worked on a mid 2010 macbook after upgrade from win7 to win10. Full functionality restored to scrolling and right click. Great find and so happy i stumbled upon it!

  17. Para los que no se defienden como yo en el Ingles y aun así, entendí algo, ojala les sirva mi explicación-traducción al castellano. Pero el merito no es mio, es de la persona que encontró la solución mas efectiva y menos intuitiva.

    En windows 10, en una actualización, el trackpack dejo de funcionar y no cargaba el drivers propio del boot, sobre el mio, macbook air.

    La solución era tan simple y repito no es mía. En administrador de dispositivos, en el dispositivo trackpad que tendrás, 2, con admiración, seleccionarlo, actualizar controlador, decirle buscar controlador manualmente, y del listado que sale, seleccionarle dispositivo de entrada USB, a los dos, dispositivos con admiración. Así, sin mas, sin drivers específicos de Mac, simplemente así. Ojala les funcione, porque es un latazo andar siempre con un ratón externo, ocupando así un USB.

    Y repito, gracias a la persona que se le ocurrio esta maravillosa y extraordinaria idea.

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