Fixing Windows 8 Wifi Issues in Bootcamp

I’m not a fan of OSX, but working at an advertising agency, there’s no way to avoid it. I have a MacBook Pro that I need to use to admin some Mac things occasionally. The rest of the time, it runs Windows very nicely using Bootcamp.

However, when Windows 8 came out and I scrapped my Windows 7 partition and installed Windows 8 Enterprise, I found that I could no longer attach to our corporate wifi network. We use 802.1x and certificates to authenticate via radius, so I checked the radius server and determined that I wasn’t even making it that far, there was no indication of my machine even trying to authenticate. I figured it probably wasn’t a Cisco wireless issue, since my machine was the only one having a problem. What next then?

I checked the driver, and the Broadcom 802.11n wireless card was using the built in Microsoft driver. Which was working fine as long as you didn’t have to use certificates. I had no problem connecting at home, or at Starbucks and the like.

I decided I’d try using some older Broadcom drivers to see if that would remedy the situation. Installing those did the trick. You can download the Broadcom driver I used here. Don’t use the Setup.exe, it won’t run. Go through Device Manager and manually install the driver that way.

25 thoughts on “Fixing Windows 8 Wifi Issues in Bootcamp

  1. My WiFi dies too at random intervals on a Macbook Pro Retina 13. I hope this will fix it! Thanks for the tip & link!

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  3. I was getting .08Mbps now I am getting 8.77 (which is right for my crappy internet).. So thank you so much. I was starting to get severely annoyed! ::High Five::


  4. THANK YOU! You’ve fixed my wives bootcamp wireless in windows 7! It’d intermittently drop out and become unresponsive for 10-20 seconds before resuming, and everything else I’ve tried has been fruitless! 2hrs of pinging our router and no dropped packets! Before it wouldn’t last 30 seconds.

  5. Those having issues with the late 2013 macbook pro retina models can improve wireless performance by changing the driver in the device manager to Broadcom 802.11ac (Microsoft) from the manually selected drivers list. (You have to uncheck the show compatible drivers option). Do not select the (Broadcom) driver.

  6. Device manager is present already no need to install it. go to your windows 7 search bar and type device manager to find it than launch it and find your driver. you should replace it from there.

  7. In the device manager and found the wireless. Manually upgrade the drive from specific location, but it showed” already latest version and no need to install it”.. How to install the older wifi drive to current latest one?

  8. Macbook pro 2012, bootcamp win 8.1 pro, this did not work – could not connect to any network had to restore to original bootcamp driver 🙁

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