How To Fix The Daily Dilbert Sidebar Gadget

UPDATE: It seems that the gadget broke again yesterday (6/25/2013). The Dilbert RSS feed that was supplying the gadget with the comic strips ( was modified to no longer show the actual comic. Instead, there is now this:

Dilbert readers – Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to

So… I’ll have to see if I can find another feed and try and get that to work with the gadget. But for now, it’s just broken, sorry. /UPDATE

After a nice long vacation, I came back to my Windows 8 PC today and decided to get caught up on Dilbert with my handy dandy Dilbert Gadget. Yes, I still use Microsoft’s Gadgets on Windows 8. Do a search for 8 Gadget Pack and you can, too. But to my surprise, when I clicked on any of the dates, Windows sent me to Internet Explorer which informed me that the domain is kaput.

Sorry to see those guys drop off the web, but just because they are gone doesn’t mean that I should have to stop enjoying Dilbert every day. So if you’re having this issue, here’s a quick fix. Open the location were the gadget lives (c:UsersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows SidebarGadgetsDailyDilbert.gadget) and open up DailyDilbert.js. Look for this:

<iframe src="" width="100%" Height="20" frameborder="0"></iframe>

And remove it. Save the file and you should be good to go!

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  1. Thank You Thank You! It took me some stumbling around ( I’m a dummy) but got it to work. You must right click on the JScript file and select edit. You must also click file save after you are done. I got to have Dilbert. Thanks again. Doug

  2. Thanks. Not only does it fix it, but it looks to have improved performance as well.

    Note that if you had an earlier version of the Dilbert Gadget installed you may have multiple DailyDilbert.Gadget folders. My current one was in AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows SidebarGadgetsDailyDilbert2.gadget

  3. Thanks so much! I wonder if you might help with another issue? The larger Sunday comic is trying to fit in the weekday size “strip” which cuts half of the bottom strip off. It appears to meeting this condtion even when it shouldn’t:
    if (“minime”) ==true)

  4. Hello I removed both instances of the iframe but it does not work for me. It opens the window for the strip but it does not display it. I use Win 7

  5. Aydin, the author would have to fix it or provide instructions. I was providing the author of the gadget a replacement RSS feed he/she could use to fix the gadget. I hope it helps!

  6. Kinda was hoping somebody else in this blog could help with your given info…. I did write ana email to the author. We shall see.

  7. Thanks Chris, but that feed does not work with the gadget. I have been able to pull in a feed that does work with the gadget, however the flyout doesn’t seem to work correctly and it hides half of the last pane on weekdays, and Sunday is a mess. I’m not a programmer, but I’m poking around in the javascript to see if I can figure out how to fix it. If I do, I will let you know.

    • Oh also Aubrey, make sure you’re using my “regular images” feed, not the large images one. The “regular images” one is what the feed used to be, and it sounds like you need the images to be the smaller ones that used to appear in the official feed.

    • Aubrey, I looked back at’s RSS feed history in my RSS reader, and it looks like it included a different *third* image size called “strip.print.gif”. Right now my 2 versions use “strip.gif” (regular size) and “strip.zoom.gif” (large size).

      I created a third feed called “Clone of Original Feed”. Please try this with the gadget. It only includes exactly what the old feed included. It should work for you hopefully. It’s the third option listed here now:

  8. thanks guys for trying to fix this. I really appreciate. I did ask the author by email if he could help too.

  9. I’ve had a look at the JavaScript, and the issue is that you need to change the RSS Feed URL in two places:-
    The Default Feed variable (which isn’t actually used!!)
    function setup() {

    // var DefaultFeed = “”;
    var DefaultFeed = “”;

    And the hard-coded link (which is used!!)
    function getFeed() {

    // xmlDocument.load(“” + “?random=” + Math.random()*1);

    Now my DailyDilbert works again 🙂
    It does take much longer for the links to first appear when launching the Gadget, but I am guessing that is down to the Yahoo Pipes processing overhead.
    [I also edited the date format of the MiniMe in to a UK-friendly format while in the code ;-)]

    • This is with v2.6 of the Daily Dilbert gadget. Previous versions may well have very different JavaScript files as the Gadget has been patched several times to keep it working over the years.
      And remember to do all edits of the Gadget code with the Gadget not running. The way I do this (so I don’t have to reconfigure things) is to task kill “sidebar.exe” (closes all Gadgets), edit the code, then right-click the desktop and select “Gadgets” which re-launches sidebar.exe again (simplest way I found to do this without extra shortcuts, etc.).

    • When I put the yahoo feed into my .js file, it won’t even load. When I put my feed in, it will load, but when the flyout launches, half of the third cell is cut off.

      • Does not work form with 2.6 but probably doing something wrong but no idea what I tried to just copy paste the code above in place but when I start the widget it just keeps trying to load forever…. sigh….

    • Hi Anthony,

      would you care to share the sources for that very simple program as well?
      I am a beginning windows programmer, and this would be ideal (simple and fun!) for me to learn from 🙂 .


  10. Changing




    in two places within the DailyDilbert.js file seems to fix things correctly – but if you just copy the new URL directly from Lewpy’s very helpful post above into NotePad (while editing the DailyDilbert.js file) you ALSO have to replace the smart quotation marks (that look like a tiny 66 or 99) into ordinary quotation marks typed-in directly from the keyboard.

    If you don’t do this, you end up with the Gadget not working at all (it just displays a white rectangle).

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